Oviyam is an emotion to me. This art form helps me express, emote and enable being part of happy life treasures. 


Growing up, Whenever I was happy, excited, sad, nervous or frustrated, my mom handed me a box of crayons and a white sheet of paper and said, "Show me how you feel!, put colors on your feelings and tell me a story through your art" she said.


That right there felt empowering! I felt the freedom to use my imagination and show my emotions. I sometimes spent hours and sometimes minutes but definitely came out with clarity on why i feel what I feel. Those are the arts i cherish and she still have them treasured.


When I became a parent, a day with my camera gave me the same feeling. I started capturing my emotions of motherhood through photography. I was a clicking mom who documented every single sweet memories of my little human. Not once but twice and rejoiced them when i needed to get back to my why.


I wanted to pass this joy on, be part of ever lasting memories of families , play my part in the smile that you see in the eye and heart when you look at a picture 30 years from today.

Thus the birth of Oviyam (meaning painting). Spreading the joy of treasured memories through the lens of Oviyam since 2017.