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Let's talk about what to wear! As it's the most frequently asked question when it comes to photography and really does make all the difference between a good photos and a magical photos that you will cherish a lifetime!

Colour Theme

Here some of the colour pallets that I think will work

Colours which look beautiful in the lavender fields are cream, grey, blue, pale pink and bright yellow. If Black is your favorite color, think long gown and a matching hat.

Layering your clothing is always a great way to add interest and allow us to change your look between shoots by adding or removing layers.

Stripes? Checks? Flowers? Polka Dots? I love them all! But please steer clear of large logos and dominant text which could detract attention from the subject in the final images.

Family Look

The aim is for your family to look coordinated, but not matching. By choosing 2-3 colours for your family to wear, each family member will look different, but you will avoid looking too ‘busy’ (clashing colours, too many colours), or looking like one colour block (too much of the same colour).

Outfit options

Here are some of the looks that I think would work well:

These styles are available at H&M, Target and Amazon too.

Here is a link to my Amazon wish list for your easy shopping https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/V1PE1CE2KYWF?ref_=wl_share

Our photoshoots are all about having fun and bringing in your best smiles, So just come and enjoy the good time


Book your appointments today. 





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Do you hear it? https://oviyam.net/blog/2018/4/do-you-hear-it Spring brings out fun, sun and a lot of beautiful things out of hibernation.

Colors colors and colors everywhere. As I walked through the tulip farms in Skagit Valley on a super chilly day, I heard these little beauties say something to me. Each one of them. Do you hear it too?

She said "Hey! Eyes on you!"

This pretty one said "Stop staring, Look I'm blushing already" :)

This one was my favorite, who said ..."So proud to stand different"

And this followed saying "I am having a few followers already!"

A Line of Narcissus lost in their own beautiful reflection

At a corner I found this little one that sang silently ..."I am so beautiful, inside out..."

a little further there were these true love messengers,

Finally there was a big lavendar army...when I peeked close, I could hear them laugh out loud at the bees little joke..

Next time you walk through such a paradise......Look close! they do talk to you :)


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Colors of bubbling Joy https://oviyam.net/blog/2018/4/colors-of-bubbling-joy I love photographing Indian ceremonies. The colors and vibrance you see around is an eye candy for any photographer. 

Oviyam had the honor to cover Sai and Sankari's babyshower. 

A day full of elegance and everything beautiful.Here are some for you to enjoy!!!


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Little Krishna turns one! https://oviyam.net/blog/2018/3/little-krishna-turns-one You wouldnt believe if I told you I was at a Bal-krishna's first birthday and he was one amazing model..Would you?  <wink>

It was for real?! Those curls those button eyes and that mesmerizing smile...

So fitting to have a Krishna themed birthday for him dont you think.

Fabulous decorations by Perfect Posh Kreations .So creative from the cake to the details in the decor. Perfectly customized for our little Dhruvah.

Parul and Jagz ! what a hospitable hosts they were. Every guests return gift was personalized. Home cooked dinner menu and to top it all Parul had a surprise dance performance dedicated for the little hunk.

It sure was one of a kind party and I had a blast myself :)


Happy birthday again kanna! my darling Dhruvah!

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A walk down Portland's Christmas Street - Peacock Lane https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/12/a-walk-down-portlands-christmas-street---peacock-lane Christmas isnt a season ,It's a feeling ~ Edna ferber

You may say I am a dreamer, But I am not the only one. Christmas lights all around the town make me rediscover the little girl in me.

I love the spirits this holiday brings into one busy city life. Portland is a city full of Unique charm that has many traditions and Peacock lane is one that we love.

A beautiful street that stands gloriously with old-fashioned holiday spirit and themed decorations including Darth Vader, Minions, Sponge Bob, Nativity scenes , snowmans, misfittoys, bears and our very own Grinch.

 Hop onto your car, drive over to this adorable southeast neighbourhood and enjoy the sparkles this holiday season.

For more details, check out their website https://www.peacocklane.org/  or their facebook page for updates. For more such pictures checkout Oviyam's gallery http://oviyam.net/p67119869



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Take a peek and definitely a bite too https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/12/take-a-peek-and-definitely-a-bite-too You dont need a silver fork to eat good food. I bet when you visit Chaaya next time you will forget all about fork and spoon when you see those mind blowing new Menu and all new finger food options.

Oviyam did a cover for their all New menu. 


Thali, wraps and Salad's all with your Indian twyst. A WOW Twist!!!

I really wish I had the talent of a food blogger to bring out how awesome each of those tasted but how much ever I try I know I wouldnt be able to explain the divine taste of each amazing Dish. Chicken with coconut curry, Moong sprouts in my salad, Soy Koftas, Chicken Curry with the perfect blend of spices, My favorite comfort food -WRAPS and an all time favorite for any desi -THALI. 

Enjoy the food Zen! 



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Half birthday Bash https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/12/half-birthday-bash Half way there!!!

Doesnt that deserve a celebration!!! Yes!!! Oh YES YES!! Parenthood through the first year deserves every possible celebration possible and half way milestone is huge. Those tiny teeths, the sitter phase, the expressives eyes and all those babbles need a cake and absolutely a photoshoot.

We had such a fun time doing Aarnav's half birthday shoot. 

This little bundle was such a charmer. All I could focus on was the twinkle on his eyes. Check it out for yourself

So much fun getting creative with those props and including everything he likes, He loves "Yanai kutty" -Baby elephant...Oh my CUTENESS


Abhi and Sid had to really take this little bundle off my hands by end of the shoot,I really want to hold on to him and that charming two toothed smile. 

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9 months with thousands dreams https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/12/9-months-with-thousands-dreams 9 months preparing to Falling in love for a lifetime. That is exactly what Sruthi and Vineet were going through. If you had talked to them for a few minutes you would have totally known how much the little love birds were excited for the arrival of their little girl. 

Sruthi -A sweet girl with so much dreams and a lovely heart. We talked through each of her wishes so Oviyam could carefully design the memories that they were going to treasure a lifetime. From Props to the perfect location everything turned perfect.

Now they are proud parents of a little beauty Avnita and Oviyam wanted to take a walk through this fall shoot memory lane while celebrating with them their little Avnita.


and huge hugs to these sweet new Mom and Dad


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#Thank-full https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/11/-thank-full This Thanksgiving Oviyam would like to look back at this debut year and pen down a few thoughts on how her heart is full of 'Thanks'

Feb 2017, I was this butterfly just out of the comfort of my cocoon, spreading my wings out to fly, taking her baby steps, Figuring out where I landed, dreaming of the destinations I wanted to reach and exploring everything beautiful through the mirrors of a black box that creates magical paintings.

Come Nov 2017, I have my hearts full and happiness exploding... looking back at the number of new friends made, Memories I have created for me and 49 other families, the arts (Oviyam) created, the love shared, the days hubby-family&friends spent covering for the Mom-me while i was out capturing the beauty of moments, The company my best buddy gave me on all my late night edits, the countless words of encouragement from each of you, the blessings showered, the list goes on and on.....

I am Thank-Full, Yes no not a typo....a heart that is filled with every corner, every inch with thanks for each and every one of you. If you are reading this, You are definitely one among them.

#ThankFull you are all part of my life!




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Best friends called Sisters https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/11/best-friends-named-sisters Sisters are best friends by birth and bonded by heart. This photoshoot made me nostalgic of my beautiful childhood and the blessing of a sister that i have.

It is a bond with lots of love and tiny wars now and then. But all evaporates with a "you know what happened last night" conversation that only the sister can relate to.

These little angels celebrate their birthday this week and Oviyam wishes them this beautiful bond of love forever. 

May you wear that smile forever and enjoy sisterhood for eternity.

They were the perfect two poles, a super sporty rockstar and a ballerina. 


Happy birthday Misha and Anya! 


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Glorious colors and a cute famly https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/11/glorious-colors-and-a-cute-famly The fall season is so full of colours and amazing photoshoots scheduled through the month. Ovyam had one of the best fall seasons this year and had the honour of capturing so many cute families.

Yash, Sruthi and Riyaansh are one of our favourite clients. 


This little one has twinkle in his eyes every single time

We did his last shoot at 12 months for his birthday where I was able to hold him and pose for the shot.  How I realized time flies by when i saw this little unstoppable, energy bundle jetting through the park still wearing that fabulous naughty smile for me and my camera. Love you Riyaansh!



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Capturing the Mo(ve)ment of life inside https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/9/capturing-the-mo-ve-ment-of-life-inside A journey of little moments, vivid imaginations of the life that is growing inside, wait that get longer towards the last few weeks...Sounds familiar?  Yes, that is exactly the beautiful journey of Maternity.

Totally in love with the portraits from this Maternity photoshoot of Chaya and her adorable family that is soon going to become a family of 4.

It made me so nostalgic of the amazing bittersweet times I had been through during my pregnancy, whole 9 months of infinite optimism.

A little princess to complete this cute family.

The glow on Chaya's face adds more glory to the beautiful mom she is even after one long weekday. She was wearing the Stash and floral crown Oviyam made adding beauty to it.

The little brother is extremely excited for his little sister and We were so excited to capture all of these cute bonds of this family. Congratulations Chaya and Raj.


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A Granduer https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/9/a-granduer First Birthdays are very special! It is the first anniversary of Parenthood, A celebration of accomplishment through the first year filled with  Joy, fun, waddles, sleepless nights, experiments, diapers, baby foods and un-decipherable cries at 1 AM in the morning.

Oviyam was honored with an opportunity to cover first birthday party of darling Isha! What a grand party it was, so beautiful and planned through that I was awestruck the moment I stepped into the party hall. You would be too....

All adored in pink, whites and satin florals, the room was dreamy. Every corner and Wall in the room had a story to tell about Anisha and Ravi's first year with Isha. Pictures around the wall that made every single guest in the room take a trip through their wonderful journey to this big day. 

Hats off to all the efforts Anisha and Ravi, It truly was amazing. Anisha had designed the whole party, From how each table would look to what goes on the cake & the kind of linens for decor. One can see a sweet, lovely, passionate Mom who has thoroughly enjoyed the little baby girl's first year in every detail:)

A beautiful family near and dear made the event all the more beautiful. Here is sharing some of our favorite candids with you.

and all those wonderful smiles.

(Oviyam Fotography) birthday candids.first event kids parents photoshoot https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/9/a-granduer Thu, 21 Sep 2017 15:00:00 GMT
An Ode to great parents https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/9/an-ode-to-great-parents Or should it read an Ode to these Amazing Grand parents?

These are the people with silver in their hair and Gold in their heart. They have this Big melting heart not just for the family but every single soul they know. I am one proud kid to these every loving couple. 

They taught us to Love deep, Be together against all differences, give unconditionally and help without expecting anything in return.

As a parent i would be very proud of myself if i even live upto 50% of the kind of parents they are. But with a smile mom would say "You are an amazing Mom kanna!" every time I sit in a corner thinking that was the worst parenting day in my life.

as any Dad, appa had his dreams for us,making me an IAS was one of them I hear, but never did he make it our dream. A dad who stood by every decision in life, every moment of success and failure equally with a never fading smile and words "Just go get it and you can?". That shaped me and my outlook for the world.

Talk to my kids, you will hear about the kind of grandparents they are. Aachi and Thatha (Grandma & papa) makes their world a little softer, a little warmer, a little kinder and a lot brighter. They are there playmates, companion, story teller, caring friends, best huggers and what not.


Migrated from our nest, We arent lucky to visit grandpa and grandma's nest every week, month or even every year.I feel guilty, myself searching for words for the kids when they ask "why are aachi thatha leaving for India Amma? Can we go too?"....  But against all odds, barriers, absolute opposite culture, age & health impediments, language chaos and hurtful long flights, they are always ready to hop on that plane to spend their time with the kids and us anytime of the year. 

Thank you is not the word for every small bit of life you spent and continue spending for us and just us till date, I bow to you Amma and Appa. Live, Laugh and Love like today forever!!!

And Happy 70th Appa (Dad)! :)

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Team cousins https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/9/team-cousins Childhood playmates who grow up to be forever friends "COUSINS" and this bunch my best entertainment year round.

To these 4 funsize people Seattle -Portland is better than a Disney vacation anyday. They run count downs by minutes to meet each other. And to me I love the ART i can create when i spend my days with them while being pampered by family. 

Within just a day and a half, we had a series of endless fun from BBQ, to backyard camping, beach visits, board games, perfect parties, cook outs, late long nights chats, laughs, hugs, rants, and vents. 

A short and sweet time together and thus we celebrated the last long summer weekend of 2017.



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A breath of new life ~Aira~ https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/9/a-breath-of-new-life-aira She conquered me with that cute smile and I am still smiling when i see the cutest face with cake all over it. It was such a fun photoshoot, Aira's first birthday.

Neha (Aira's Mom) had a vision and those were my dream, we talked about what all we could do and I couldnt contain my excitement.  A teepee setup for the cake smash!! Now I couldnt stop myself, off I went for my shoppping expedition to Joann My favorite pitstop. It was a family session combined with a first birthday shoot. 

What a lovely cute family they are

Aira was the cutest little fairy goddess in every shot

And finally we did the Cake smash and her 1 year themed shoot, I love this little fairy!

Look at that overflowing JOY!! 


(Oviyam Fotography) birthday cake candids estate family first jenkins kids photoshoot smash https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/9/a-breath-of-new-life-aira Sat, 09 Sep 2017 16:07:41 GMT
A beautiful song https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/8/a-beautiful-song Family is like a song full of High and Low notes but a beautiful one together.

Rupa, Durai and these little ones were one beautiful song together.

So many beautiful Mom & Me moments 

And oh did I  miss Dad & little tots

And so many cute frames of sibling love and war captured

Oh so fun!! 




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All because two people fell in love https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/8/lets-fall-in-love-together Andrew + Ishita 

What happens when two Pharmacists fall in love? Think...think...wait for it...What more than a Wonderful Chemistry!!!

So how do they show the world this amazing bond they share?

Thats where we come in. Oviyam prides itself in capturing the most candid of moments which turn a picture into an emotion.

The fun started when the first rays of sun glistened at the beautiful Crystal Springs Rhodendron Park. Greetings were exchanged when a spritely looking couple walked up and said "are we ready?". Their exuberance undiminished even when the gates to the park stayed closed way past the scheduled opening time. 

When people are in love even the meagrest of things could look alluring, who knew I could capture these over a simple coffee? 

So contagious were their smiles that each and every frame oozed love. We are so lucky to have been given the chance to freeze it in eternity.

May you keep falling in love over and over!


(Oviyam Fotography) couples engagement gift love photoshoot wedding https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/8/lets-fall-in-love-together Thu, 10 Aug 2017 04:11:47 GMT
Sailing with Style https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/8/sailing-with-style Little bundles and themed photoshoots are the best combination. I love it when i get a request to customize a photoshoot per a theme. It gives me immense satisfaction to be able to mix my creativity and quench my DIY thirst through those sessions.

Dhruvah's 4 month session was one such oppurtunity. Parul had informed me that she has picked a nautical themed outfits and would like a photoshoot that would be sailor themed. YAY! i love boats, ocean and anything water .....

I set to come up with 2 sets, one inspired by the sleeping baby creative themes I had once read in a blog on how a mom takes creative pictures of her little one when sleeping and with make do backdrops. Here is my take and try on it


Dhruvah taking a jump off the boat ;)

Or Sailing may be :)

Amma was here, such a boon to have a creative mind company. She helped design a sail boat from an amazon shipping box and this little guy rocked every frame with the boat.

What a fun session it was! Parul was one sweet mom and now a new friend that i would cherish forever!



(Oviyam Fotography) diy infant photoprop photoshoot https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/8/sailing-with-style Wed, 02 Aug 2017 02:00:00 GMT
My Nanhi Pari https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/7/MyNanhiPari Her little hands stole my heart and her little feet ran away with it!

Meet Zara. She is a daughter i never had, My little Diva and my very own Nanhi Pari (little Angel). 


A playdate turned casual home style photoshoot last weekend at my house. This exactly is what i love about photographing little kids. Letting them be their own while I enjoy inhaling those pretty darn cute candids through my camera. 

These 2 girls are very special to me

(Oviyam Fotography) candids kids mom&daughter momlove photoshoot https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/7/MyNanhiPari Sat, 29 Jul 2017 21:55:15 GMT
Field&Vine at Christopher Bridge Winery https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/7/field-vine-at-christopher-bridge-winery Nothing beats being outdoor at night when your wine is poured and the company is right!

Field&Vine event at Christopher Bridge is a great date night experience.Seven course meal served straight from farm to table and the never ending wine pour. The setting sun added an ambience that just cant be expressed in words. With bests of company it was an evening I would want to remember forever.

The lemon cheesecake was oh my GOSH Delish!!! The fresh mix of sweet, sour and cream in every bite. 

The smell of lavenders around the field on one side and the beautiful vines on another 

There were much more 



This vineyard is true to their Philosophy and you should try their Pinot Noir to realize that..

(Oviyam Fotography) bridge christopher datenight food oregon photoshoot vineyard https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/7/field-vine-at-christopher-bridge-winery Mon, 24 Jul 2017 05:11:18 GMT
Play of lights at the golden hour https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/7/play-of-lights-at-the-golden-hour Golden hour photography are my favorites for outdoor sessions. The sunlight plays a solo symphony at that hour. All i need is my Mark iii and a subject.There, I am ready to capture some state of art. I got lucky with some super cute subject in my last few sessions and here are some sunlight art.

 Moving around the cutesy bundle gets me so many shades in the frame,

The highlights on the little lashes and the glow line around the subject, What a natural way to add a fine touch to portraits.






(Oviyam Fotography) https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/7/play-of-lights-at-the-golden-hour Wed, 12 Jul 2017 22:00:00 GMT
Serenity and splendor by the Oregon coast https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/7/serenity-and-splendor-by-the-oregon-coast We picked Pacific city for the July 4th long weekend this year to camp by the beach, enjoy the fireworks while cuddling as a family with a cozy fire by the waves. It was a have it ALL kind of a vacation. I got some great shots, Kids endless time at the beach chasing seagulls, Dad & Mom enjoyed their first campfire, Hubby enjoyed the all day walk to Pelican brewery and We all enjoyed some quality family time as a family with our cousins.

The Morgan's house we stayed was a cute little condo we rented from the Kiwanda properties and just a block away from the beach.

We had surprise visitors at the house every morning and kids thoroughly enjoyed their company.

Board games was our major past time while not at the beach and the less than half mile walk to Pelican brewery was our regular date night deal all 3 days while kiddos snuggled with Aachi and Thatha (Granny & Grandpa).

We visited the Cape Meares lighthouse and drove by the coastal beaches. Camped by the Haystack rock all night. 

And to top it all you can drive right by the waves on this coast line of beaches

We experienced breathtaking sunsets. I have always been a big fan of sunsets by the beach and cant express my state of heart watching the glorious ball of fire sink into the ocean leaving a color splatter across the sky canvas. OH MY GORGEOUS!


and our own fireworks show.To sum it up it was a BLAST



(Oviyam Fotography) https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/7/serenity-and-splendor-by-the-oregon-coast Sat, 08 Jul 2017 22:34:38 GMT
For the love of twigs https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/6/for-the-love-of-twigs Infant photoshoots are my perfect Baby fix. Those tiny hands and legs makes me so nostalgic that when i get back home I hold my two -not-so- little boys to give them my squeezy hugs. Can i have a time machine that can take me back to those teeny tiny days....

Back to Reality....Kairav's one month old infant photoshoot this weekend was full of walk down my memory lane. As i held him and rocked him to sleep I felt the urge to freeze time. But hey, I can do that with my Camera ....forever!

More Twigs and branches and here is what we did, 

and more of "baby-bulous" frames....My heart feels full & happy!



(Oviyam Fotography) Infant photoshoot https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/6/for-the-love-of-twigs Wed, 14 Jun 2017 05:47:33 GMT
Oviyam for Chaaya https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/6/oviyam-for-chaaya Chaaya -Experience the Serenity through Food

Oviyam's commercial photography venture started with Urban Masala about 2 years back and now very excited to work with Chaaya. A new Indian bistro at a cozy nook in beaverton.Check out our work on their website. 


Amazing food, warm service and best of ambience. Dont miss to check out their South Indian specialities.


Now you have an amazing summer sunset ambience for a romantic candle light dinner right in your neighborhood


(Oviyam Fotography) https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/6/oviyam-for-chaaya Fri, 09 Jun 2017 20:30:00 GMT
The Log Story https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/6/the-log-story It is always a delightful experience to recycle waste into an art and that becomes a treasured possession for a life time. As a kid i used to save off every small colored scrap to reuse into some craft some day. Some habits just dont die easy I guess.

I carried this log from near the cabin at sunriver to my home studio as i was sure it would give some life to my baby photoshoot that was scheduled last weekend.  I am a Huge earthy tones fan and this log had the best of it and perfectly shaped to rest steady on the floor just the way i wanted.

All i had to do was sand some of the edges to smooth out the top layers and add a birdie to add a perky cuteness,

Now to set up my backdrop and station for the Baby, I added a brown cushion right behind the log and it moulded to the shape of the curve in the log. Thanks to the really sloppy age old cushion in my living room.  I needed more green to the setup and so added my pothos to it.

TADA.....Here is how my finished station looked.

And I got this beautiful frame so unique for my photoshoot




(Oviyam Fotography) https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/6/the-log-story Wed, 07 Jun 2017 19:24:58 GMT
Patrick+Nina https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/6/patrick-nina Cuteness and Love overload is all i want to say about this couple. A Software Engineer and Mechanical Engineer Combo, Pat was so witty and there were so many fun goofy moments throughout our photoshoot. They just made my weekday photoshoot so breezy that i couldnt help but start working on the images right that night. Love the way purple and pink play on these frames.

(Oviyam Fotography) https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/6/patrick-nina Sat, 03 Jun 2017 20:37:34 GMT
A beautiful journey with the Mehers https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/6/a-beautiful-journey-with-the-mehers Oviyam has been fortunate to have travelled with Preethi Meher from her Maternity. The recent photoshoot with little bundle Sanaya happened last month at my Home studio. Little Sanaya made every Frame so beautiful that everytime I browse through the pictures my heart melts


(Oviyam Fotography) https://oviyam.net/blog/2017/6/a-beautiful-journey-with-the-mehers Sat, 03 Jun 2017 20:11:35 GMT